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Applicant Management

PeopleQlik offers simple and instinctive applicant management solution that enables organizations to upload,

The recruitment process demands the management of applications and applicants. The Peopleqlik benefits your organizations for finding the very best talented people to best fit your running projects. The best projects needs best people & that is the goal of Peopleqlik i.e to isolate the most appropriate applicant from the piles of applications and select only the right candidate to reject the rest. The company often receives many resumes throughout the month, these resumes maybe the duplicate resumes, some of them need to be rejected so that they won’t occupy more space and do not waste your time. The Peopleqlik helps to blacklist or reject the resumes that are duplicate and the candidates are reapplying for the same job over and over again. PeopleQlik’s applicant management solution provides managers with the appropriate filters so they can easily sort out the useless applications from the useful ones.

Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking Software

Applicant Management Software

Individual & mass upload

Sometimes there is a need to recruit the mass talent in the organization, so if your management is planning for mass campus recruits, then they will need to look for the appropriate candidates from the pool of talent available in the local market. PeopleQlik’s solution play an important role by offering robust features that enable you to manage both types of resumes i.e. individual and bulk uploads of applicants. A single database is maintained for the human resource managers to choose from.

Letters generation

When the candidates are selected, the appointment letters are to be generated. The Peopelqlik helps you to generate appointment letter post offer acceptance or post joining document list. PeopleQlik’s applicant management module does that in a few mouse clicks for your HR.

Applicant data capture

Peopleqlik helps your organization to successfully include all the required skills of an employee and edit them whenever it is required. You can also tag the required skills, qualifications, experience details and candidates resume against a vacancy they applied for. The recruitment force is immensely benefitted wit this approach for getting the complete information at one place so they can search and pick the right candidate for right position anytime anywhere.

Pick the right candidate

The recruiters are assisted tremendously by the PeopleQlik’s solution for having all the related and unique resumes from different sources. These sources can include the online careers portal, consultant, internal jobs posted in the organization etc. The robust tool stacks and sort the candidate resumes that are most relevant to the particular job within a time of few seconds. The databases of resumes can be searched through Peopleqlik easily, the search facility is amazing for recruiters who can search resume database anytime for selecting the most desirable individual for their company.

Managing Applicants

The application management module creates and tracks date, time, venue and statuses of the events related to hiring and recruitment. It can also schedule the interviews, group discussions, written tests for candidates and psychometric tests. The built-in templates are available in the HR software which can benefit the managers to record the results of these events in a quick way. When candidates pass these tests, the offer management solution is helpful for the managers who can use the predefined offer templates in the software and offer document checklist will be processed easily. The employees who need an offer letter can be managed easily.

Integration with HRMS

The module for managing employee applications in Peopelqlik is able to integrate with human resource database seamlessly. This helps you to share the most important applicant information with the HR personnel.