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Payroll Software

Payroll management is one of the lengthy and strenuous task perform by HR department.

The department has to face the challenging tasks of putting together variant streams of inputs, observing local legal requirements and analysis of data to pay your employees accurately and in time. PeopleQlik’s Payroll & HR Software streamlines your payroll procedures and empowers your HR team to deal efficiently with these challenges. Our payroll solution ensures security of your valuable data and resists difficulties in dealing with third party vendor.

HR and Payroll Software

HR and Payroll Software

PeopleQlik Payroll Software Solutions

HR and Payroll Software

PeopleQlik Payroll Software

HR and Payroll Software

In order to remain in compliance with your local regulatory bodies, the HR software PeopleQlik help’s the HR department well.

  • PeopleQlik ensures movement of detailed information about employees and salaries to boost the efficiency for HR and employees.
  • With PeopleQlik, it will be possible and easy to reduce the risk of non-conformances in internal & external human resource processes.
  • PeopleQlik provides notifications to keep you informed improvements or revisions in the organization and about changing compliances. This way you will be safe from penalties due to noncompliance and not following local regulations.
  • The PeopleQlik provides attendance calculations with powerful attendance data management module.  The HR and finance employees benefit by calculation of payables or receivables, no information leaking is possible through PeopleQlik.
  • The payroll data must be calculated accurately in the organization and payroll computations allow specific business requirements like dual pay-group, regular monthly & semi-monthly processing.  Now you can nicely manage multiple currencies in PeopleQlik due to international support and calculate salaries in any currency.

HR and Payroll Software Configuration

PeopleQlik human resource management Software helps you to create different groups related to employee’s payroll. These groups help to identify your employees in each department effectively and it maps payroll procedures based on your specific country. You are able to format and describe the various elements of employee incomes & deductions in this module. You can verify and finalize the salaries process with merely a few clicks of the mouse.  The salary files can be submitted for immediate deposit and this module also handles cheques and also manage digital signatures which support both ‘PFX’ and ‘Dongle’ for the comfort of HR.

HR and Payroll Software Integration

The PeopleQlik is created with goals to achieve perfect salaries management. PeopleQlik calculates salaries perfectly for HR managers and it is a powerful self-service module to ensure overtime payment and salary deduction is addressed well in the organization.

HR and Payroll Software Import features

You can certainly and easily import the leave and overtime data with PeopleQlik. It helps to save data into PeopleQlik’s Payroll Software from 3rd party system to ensure appropriate salaries processing.

HR and Payroll Software Loan Master

The software program PeopleQlik has a feature called Loan master which keep track of loans and bank loans. This master feature lets HR department monitor the money policies and schedules effectively. It allows viewing deductions and discount on loan in details.

HR and Payroll Software Benefits master

The PeopleQlik’s Rewards master module is a great one spot component to enables you to keep a record of insurance, as well as other benefits. The company feels at ease when recorded data helps HR to make calculation during pay process.

HR and Payroll Software Tax Computations

The tax calculations are also very important and a separate module of PeopleQlik provides tax computation feature for ease of HR.  You can take care of your tax slabs, tax policies and investments easily, it can calculate exemptions for each and every country separately. It is excellent features for payroll management PeopleQlik.

HR and Payroll Software Letter viewer

The Letter Viewer features are easy to access which is immensely beneficial for HR.  It provides employees to get easy access all the company letters in one place. The letters, tax declarations, offer letter and emails can be handled smoothly by PeopleQlik. You can also create the pay slides in the PDF format and can also distribute them on employee self-service portal online.

HR and Payroll Software All statutory payroll

Now you can control access to all legal payroll reports such as ESI, Form 16 successfully and proficiently with PeopleQlik.