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Time and Attendance Software

The organizations have to properly maintain their time and attendance of employees in order to function properly. The time and management sofware entertains the workforce properly. It helps to track the employee time and attendance in a proper manner.

PeopleQlik’s time and attendance module provide the functionality to the HR managers to be able to record and maintain the complete attendance record of the employees during their stay in the office. This involves the record of their working hours spent.

The PeopleQlik’s time and attendance system can help organizations cherish many advantages through easy tools.


  • The employer has the full control for working hours of all employees with Peopleqlik. They can track their working hours and analyze their performance to judge their efficiency which also helps them to control their labor costs.
  • The companies can help gain better income and they can stay in compliance with the rules of attendance. The labor management is also done efficiently along with the simplification of payroll procedures.
  • The software does time management properly, it manages attendance to enable organizations to minimize overpayments.

Time Attendance System Software

Time &Attendance Monitoring System

Time &Attendance Tracking Software