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Timesheet Management

If you manage the work timings of your employees well, the organization can flourish and its success can depend on it. Your projects can be completed perfectly by managing employee timings well.

The popular saying that time is money holds fit when it comes to the time management in an organization. The developers of PeopelQlik have taken good notice of this quote seriously. For the reason of improving your customer base, the projects your employees take must be completed in time. The amazing time management software tool People like helps your company to manage the timings of your workforce perfectly by enabling to incorporate the solution with different activities and time spent on each activity.

Timesheet Management System

Time Management Software

Timesheet Management Software

Maintaining customer
base information

The customer master forms at PeopleQlik provide such power to your organization that helps to setup your customer base information quickly into the software. Complete information includes the name of the customer, contact details, designation, and status.

Build your project

The business unit name can be highlighted easily, the project name that you are handling for the customer can also be included for engaging you closely with your customers. All this can be done using project master tools.

Map projects to

You can easily associate your projects with your customers and include the start/end dates, billability status against each.

Identify various activities
of a project

Activity master definition enables you to isolate project activities from non-project activities. Associate it to project that provides billability, milestone and dates information.

Project role master

Various roles can be set up for your projects: Everybody from the developer, tester, manager and label each employee to a project role they can handle and-and also mention it to their reporting person.

Link employees

More than one or a single project can be assigned to your employees through employees for a specific period of time through Peopleqlik. PeopleQlik’s project team deal location screen gives you freedom to break that link easily when the tenure is ended.

Daily & weekly timesheets
of a project

All the employees can easily fill in the hours spent against in the organization in each activity they perform. The timesheets can be prepared and filled by the employees easily on a daily or weekly basis. These self-service pages help them achieve this goal.

Timesheet expense payout

Each employee expense date can be mentioned for the amount against each employee. During the time period of their association, it helps to calculate the expenses that are probably expected for each of the employees.