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Training Management

Manage your talent effectively and efficiently with PeopleQlik’s talent management solution.

The employees must be noticed and assessed during their tenure if the employees are not monitored and noticed their activities may lead to retention problems in the future for the company. Therefore in order to meet the challenge like Talent Acquisition the Peopleqlik Talent Development and Performance Alignment module is the most important tool to solve this problem.

PeopleQlik HRMS software is the key to your business excellence

PeopleQlik Talent Acquisition

The business growth is impacted a lot by the human resource activities in the organization. The hiring strategies and rules become an integral part of a company’s success and their growth. The employee performance is monitored which tells the true picture of human efficiency.

PeopleQlik recruitment module assists the companies to rely on the right talent and select the best talent for the best jobs. At the right time. The features and traits it offers are outstanding such as parsing. Parsing helps the managers to automate data extraction process. When the resumes are downloaded automatically by the Peopleqlik HR tool, then automated the process you to benefit from the job portals. The interview scheduling and event feedback are also successfully managed through the Peopleqlik. The scheduling and calendaring feature help to accomplish this goal easily. The entire recruitment process becomes simple, efficient and quick.


PeopleQlik Applicant Management

PeopleQlik’s applicant management module help you to schedule and manage the vacancy created applications from candidates efficiently. The application management solution is a user-friendly system which provides the intuition to HR managers to manage the applications seamlessly. Now wit this feature, the HR can easily engage in the management, uploading, and tracking of applicants. The recruitment process becomes smooth with this module to help recruitment managers to plan and close the job vacancy well on time.

PeopleQlik Requisition Management

The entire recruitment process is made more simple and swift. The efficient feature of Peopleqlik helps you to do the pre-employment verifications for the employees.

PeopleQlik New Hire on Boarding

The new hires are treated very well in a good manner by the HR with the help of PeopelQlik MRMS database which automatically records and update the information related to new employees at one server. The administrative and HR departments can both benefit from this module to update the newly hired professionals in the system and access their salary and job information anytime. PeopleQlik Interview and Selection Management interview and selection management help the managers to schedule interviews automatically with the prospective candidates. It also helps them to do feedback recording and select the most appropriate applicant for the right job. The process of assessing the candidate through PeopelQlik is simple, the software assesses employee on the basis of their competencies and helps managers to meet the demands of the company.

PeopleQlik Interview and Selection Management

The feature for interview and selection management helps the managers to schedule the interviews in an automated way. They can do their feedback easily by recording and select the most appropriate candidates for the right jobs. This module assesses the candidates by selecting the one which can definitely help the organization to meet its goals and fits into its culture according to the needs and requirements.

PeopleQlik Offers Management

The offers management module of PeopleQlik is beneficial for the company which offers easy and simple steps to create offer letters for the employees. Now you can record the offer acceptance by applicants automatically.

PeopleQlik Performance Alignment

The performance alignment module helps the management to manage the employee’s performance with its smart and efficient and module. PeopleQlik performance alignment module helps to record the activities of the employees and makes sure that no employee goes unnoticed, therefore no retention challenges happen.

The focal point in your HR management system is the People likes Performance Management module. This system is beneficial for making an online performance review of the employees and help them develop the new talent into them. The development tool is smart, it helps the employees and managers both for performance management, helps the HR to record the appraisals and make plans to increase the performance of the employees with complete feedback essential for the growth. The modules assist the managers to perform the critical HR tasks and also suggest how to improve their entire HR strategies. The best top talent is assessed and their potential is assessed to benefit the organization.

PeopleQlik Administration and Compensation Planning

The compensation planning module in Peopleqlik also makes sue that the culture of encouragement flourishes inside the organization. For this purpose, the module offers a checker validation and this validation helps you to be precise and accurate with processes. PeopleQlik also helps the organization to reward their generations and help prepare the total reward statement for employees. The statement can be published by each employee and hence they can see it from their own login.

PeopleQlik 360 Degree Feedback

The 360 Degree Feedback module is an amazing feature which helps the managers to assess progress made by employees on the basis of manager perspective. The 360-degree feedback module helps the management to understand the overall scheme of the organization. PeopleQlik HRMS performance management solution is smart enough to help you develop and design the feedback templates and help you choose the evaluators. It also allows you to start the process and assess received feedbacks. Evaluators are basically the peers who care external clients and vendors. Their feedback holds utmost importance for the organization.

PeopleQlik Performance Management

For the growth of an organization, the Performance alignment is a core element. The performance management module makes your performance management Strong and translucent by assisting the managers to assess and review employee performance regularly. This helps to make the performance management process transparent and ensures efficient employee performance alignment. For letting your employees to perform well and offer maximized productivity, The PeopleQlik performance management software helps a lot.

PeopleQlik Goal Management

The process of performance assessment also plays a key role in the growth of any organization. It helps to set, track and update the goals of employees. PeopleQlik’s highly efficient and active goal management module helps to perform goals management.

PeopleQlik Rewards Management

The rewards management module of the best HR tool helps you to acknowledge you employee’s key achievements for as long as they stay with your organization. This is the only source of reference for the HR managers which helps them to follow the progress of each and every employee. The merit and hard work never go waste.

PeopleQlik Talent Development

This module of People like provides capabilities through the talent development tool which creates pools of talent within your organization for specific job classifications. The employees can focus on the new skills and adopt the behaviors and proficiencies for making them an asset for the company in no time at all. PeopleQlik Talent Development module helps them for their future goals and allows organizations to manage talent assets and alleviate talent risks. The major skills of the employees are managed by to provide business various advantages and manage skills.

PeopleQlik Succession Management

The Succession Management tool can help you perform efficiently and secures the future leadership capability in the organization. This capability is important in the company to meet the challenges of the technological world. The vital business process is the succession management which actively helps businesses to embrace dynamic market imperatives for integrating an identification and assessment. With strategic planning, the talent can be managed efficiently.

The PeopleQlik Succession Management module is a fast solution for identifying the key positions in the organization. The vacancies are important for any business, the talent must be managed and no retention risk must be generated. Employee departure is not always a positive sign, the employees are identified for their key skills including their knowledge of the subject for this vacancy, their behavior and hands-on skills. Identifying and nominating successor starts with the development of a potentially strong employee so that a plan can be made to his improvement. Successor readiness assessment and closure helps the organization efficiently choose a successor.

PeopleQlik Social Recognition Framework

The employees have various needs. The companies who give preference to the needs of their esteemed employees can take full advantage of PeopleQlik’s social recognition framework. The employees have some obvious expectations from a company, they also have psychological requirements so that they can work with motivation to perform well. The organizations that do not care about the expectation of the employees cannot take them with confidence. PeopleQlik helps to meet the needs of your employees through a separate module. PeopleQlik social recognition framework helps to recognize the employees well and the best strategy can be made for engaging your team. It helps to boost the morale of the employees positively, it sends a quick and congratulatory note to the fellow workers and peers. The employees of an entire department can be congratulated, the team can also be appreciated for their performances and receive awards with a few clicks. Hence, acknowledging the good work of your employees is made simple by the PeopleQlik software. It helps to encourage a progressive culture.

PeopleQlik Learning Management

PeopleQlik HRMS software. Helps to build an efficient and effective learning organization with its learning management module. This helps to update the major competencies that are necessary for business benefits. The training and development programs can also be created sharply with this module in order to reduce the training costs and all the administrative costs. Different employees have different requirements, according to their skills and aptitude. This training and development tools hence become essential this way by creating a difference. This solution enables organizations to flourish by polishing the skills of employees and help them to become an asset for the company.

PeopleQlik Competency Management

The employee competencies can be assessed by PeopleQlik’s competency management software module. The existing skills of your employees can easily be polished, it is also helps them to find out the talents that are hidden in them. The level of various employees is calculated by identifying their competencies with this tool. This way, it becomes easy for you to acknowledge their capabilities and raise morale which in turn helps to retain the employees. It helps to nurture the in-house talent by properly managing the capabilities of employees.